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Watch Chester’s Hot Seat June 6 on CMPRADIO

Something is happening in Chester, PA that has never been done before! Save the date of June 6 for the premiere digital special; “Chester‘s Hot Seat”. I have the pleasure of not only coordinating this project but co-hosting it along with @AsTheCultureTurns host; Jermir Caldwell.

Chester‘s Hot Seat is presented by Lost in the Sauce LLC. This live conversation will be intense for not only the guest’s taste buds but their mind as well. We will be asking guest a series of questions based on what has been going on in the world and the City of Chester currently. While discussing hot topics they will also be invited to taste some food sauced by none other than “Lost In The Sauce”.

You can watch “Chester Hot Seat” live on CMPRADIO.NET Facebook page. Make sure to follow @lostinthesauce_llc @themissingplug on ALL platforms.

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