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The perfect gift for the entrepreneur in your life🎁

Christmas shopping can be stressful enough so what do you get someone who is all about their business all the time? 🤔 Its okay not to know, that’s why I’ve created a list of must buy Christmas gifts for the very special entrepreneur in your life. You both can thank me later ☺️

A Trip To The Spa

Self care is super important, it is also something typically most entrepreneurs lack making the time for. So do them a BIG favor and gift your entrepreneur with a trip to the spa to relax and enjoy themselves for once.

Upgrade on electronics

An upgrade on electronics could include the latest IPhone, a new camera, a smart watch or new accessories. You can never go wrong with buying an entrepreneur some new toys.

Custom business apparel or jewelry

Why rep someone else brand when you have your own? Surprise your entrepreneur with custom apparel or jewelry with their business name or logo on it.


Super underrated but very much appreciate. The right planner can take your entrepreuner from all over the place to very organized in the matter of seconds.

Pay a business bill

One of my favorites because it doesn’t take a lot of effort but could mean the world to a entrepreneur (especially me lol).

Bluetooth headphones (airpods)

When running a business you tend to find yourself having meetings on the go ALOT. Bluetooth headphones are a must for any entrepreneur with a busy schedule.

Get away vacation

Plan a fun getaway where they focus on everything but business for once. Every entrepreneur needs some fun!

Buy tickets to a must attend Seminar or conference in their industry

Knowledge is power. The more you know as a business owner, the easier it is to grow your business! Eventbrite is the perfect spot to find the best seminars, conferences and events for entrepreneurs on the rise.

Portable chargers

Help keep your entrepreneur charged up so they’ll never miss a beat! If you can’t find a 24hr unlimited phone battery for them, then portable chargers will be your next best bet!

Giant Thinkboard

Entreunpers typically have a million ideas racing through their minds everyday. Help them visualize and sort those thoughts out on a giant thinkboard. Styles may vary depending on person. A giant chalkboard, whiteboard or sticky note will do the trick.

Article written by Crystal Burrell



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