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The Culture Is Turning ⏰

Hey everyone your girl is back!!! I promise I’ll do better with posts. I really want to use this platform to give my audience a inside look into my life as a entrepreneur, event manager, media personality, change agent, mom, and more! Thank you for even taking the time to check out this blog today.

So yesterday (8/20) I got the opportunity to cohost one of CMP Radio shows; As The Culture Turns hosted by Jermir Caldwell, John Lebron and Chanel Wright. I have been on this show a few times but this time was very special, keep reading to find out why. We were also accompanied by a fellow podcasters Taylor Diane from American Divide. (Who definitely brought a new perspective 😉) Our conversation was based around cultured topics like systemic racism, health care bias, black live matter movement and a lot more. (You would have to just watch lol.) Anyone that knows me knows other than talking about entrepreneurship, I also enjoy discussing for a lack of better words “Black Topics” that are aligned with us making progress. I’m appreciative that I was chosen to discuss such complex issues. I walked away from the show with many new perspectives and appreciation for millennial voices of all races. We have to be the change we want to see PERIOD! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoying watching.

Check out this short clip of our discussion on Breonna Taylor’s murder.



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