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HIS STORY ~ Interview recap ft. Navelle Hice

Last weekend I had the chance to catch up with hip hop artist Navelle Hice. Navelle and I have crossed paths many times in the last 5 years of our careers. 5 years ago is when I did my first TMP interview. It was then on TMP that Navelle formerly know as Chiefy announced his big move from Chester, PA to ATL to follow his dreams as a self employed artist.

Our most recent interview was on Instagram live and although I experienced some technical difficulties, I believe it was still an inspirational interview. (I couldn’t figure out how to save the live.) We talked about taking that leap of faith and where it has landed him now.

In the last 5 years, he has become a father, husband, GCA Award winning artist and more! Not to mention Navelle has been on Sway‘s various platforms which has given him great exposure. His recent freestyle on Sway‘s platform has close to 3 million views . We ended the interview with Navelle Hice discussing his relationship with GOD. He says “GOD is his key ingredient to his whole situation.”

Watching Navelle‘s growth has been super amazing, I’m so honored I get to be apart of HIStory.

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