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Chester High School Alumni Homecoming Events

If you're from Chester, PA or the surrounding areas, you know how epic Chester High Homecoming game and tailgate are! We're a town that celebrates sports and community, so Oct 7, 2023 this football game is extra special as all Chester High School alumni come home to celebrate our high school homecoming.

CHS Homecoming wouldn't be complete without alumni parties, so be sure to check out TMP's list of pre and post-homecoming events. Don't miss out on these exciting gatherings, and make sure to look at the flyers below for more info. Also, grab your homecoming tickets for just $10 at Chester High School before Wednesday – it supports the team and athletic department. Let's show our support! Join us at the game, cheer on the team, and let's have some safe fun.

Stay plugged in with The Missing Plug for more events with a purpose.

If you need help planning your own event, reach out to us. Class reunions, community events, business events etc.

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Happy homecoming, everyone! Can't wait to see you soon! 🎉🏈🎉


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