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Chester MAde

Who They Are:

Humanities-based initiative to recognize and promote arts and culture in Chester, Pennsylvania, and to harness their power as a force for community revitalization.

Featured Project: Lights On Chester

How We Helped:

Coordinated red carpet activities. Booked paint party workshop, entertainment, food truck catering, water-ice, some red carpet media and host. Handled vendor payments.

Making A Change Group

Who They Are:

Developing Youth, Engaging Families, Impacting Communities

Vision – Our vision is to create a better world where today’s youth are developed into tomorrow’s leaders, and families are engaged and supported to impact communities.

Check Out Our Work:

“Youth & Family Summit” 2018 (2 each year):

booked and coordinated children workshops and activities. 


“Youth & Family Summit” 2019 (one so far this year)

booked and coordinated children and adult workshops, Entertainment, speakers and DJ. 


“We Are One” Benefit” 2018

Coordinated silent art auction


“We Are One” Benefit” 2019 

Coordinated event. Booked photographer and bartender. 


“BACK 2 School Event” 2018

Coordinated event. Booked DJ. Book event face painting vendors. 


“BACK 2 School Event” 2019

Coordinated event. Booked media. 

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